2007 Finalist

Vicki FanningWarkworth, New Zealand,

Recipe for Disaster-Glass Knife and Steel

Glass beading
35 H x 5 W x 2 D cm

Steps 1 – 11

- Gather 6 Birds that have flown in the window - Break into the equation one mirror for 7 years bad luck
- Using a microscope, find several diseases to be introduced one by one
- Include 5 bottles of wine, soak for 9 hours for full effect
- With glass shard puncture rubber container for draining purposes
NOTE: In doing this be careful not to cut yourself
- Remember to be aware of measurements, not relying on the glass to be half full
- Clean oven door for monitoring visibilities
- Pull curtains and blinds to protect you from prying eyes and to turn off outside elements
- Ignite with Molotov cocktail
- In case of crisis, break glass, turn on emergency switch and vacate immediately
- When preparing oneself for the occasion, remember full length mirrors can distort body shape

Recipe for Disaster-Glass Knife and Steel is a quirky and playful representation of the seedy side and the unglamorous role that glass plays in our every day. This work acknowledges the material of glass as not only a seductive medium for artistic use, but for its practical yet sometimes detrimental qualities.

Photographer: Emma Hopkins

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Vicki Fanning
Matakana, RD5, Warkworth, Auckland,

23/11/1970 Wellington, , New Zealand


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