2006 Finalist

Sue KestevenAinslie, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Sons and Mothers Volumes I & II

Sandblasted, fused, slumped, cast and painted glass
20 H x 13.7 W x 3.5 D cm

Glass is a most unlikely material for books. It does not resemble paper; it does not behave like paper. The ‘reader’ can read through the layers or ‘pages’, from the front or from the back, or even through the spine. So even though I have drawn attention to the form of the book by using a material which is very unusual for that form, I have paradoxically used one which ‘disappears’ and so it is the content that is obvious.

These volumes are about my maternal grandfather and his mother, and my maternal great-grandfather and his mother.

Photographer: ANU Photography

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Sue Kesteven
Ainslie, Australian Capital Territory,

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