2005 Finalist

Rozlyn De BusseyGriffith, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Lappet Form #5

Lustre painted, slumped glass
33 H x 30 W x 6 D cm

A Lappet is an old English term meaning a flap on a skirt or a tent and was created so that I could use the form as a canvas for painting. On a technical aspect, although the form looks quite simple, it has taken many years to achieve the shape of the form. I have just kept on going back to it, refining the various aspects of the slumping process until I achieved my goal.

In this series of works, the imagery that I have used to paint the surface of the work in lustres was derived from watching weather maps and electrical storms and is my interpretation of these natural occurrences.

Photographer: Rozlyn de Bussey

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Rozlyn De Bussey
Griffith, Canberra., Australian Capital Territory,

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