2005 Finalist

Helen Aitken-KuhnenQueanbeyan, New South Wales, Australia

one for every day of the week

Pâte de verre glass, sterling silver, stainless steel
39.5 H x 137 W x 2 D cm

This piece is a wall-mounted collection of seven pendants. The order they are placed in is to represent the different moods of the week, for example a blues-day (Monday), a hump-day (Wednesday), pay-day (Thursday) and here comes the weekend-day (Friday). The top bar of the frame is hinged and can be lifted up and a pendant removed for each day of the week depending on ones mood.

Otherwise they can be enjoyed as a wall piece.

Photographer: Johannes Kuhnen

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Helen Aitken-Kuhnen
Michaelago, New South Wales,

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