2002 Finalist

David Traub, Wanganui, New Zealand

Allsorts and Iris Platter

Fused and slumped hot glass
8 H x 44 W x 44 D cm

The vessel can be seen as the metaphysical holder of abstract ideas such as dreams, hopes, and aspirations. My current work evolves from my fascination with colour and mark making. As a vehicle to explore these themes I have chosen a slumped bowl form. Being able to bring light, colour and illumination to the form is a primary concern of this work.

As a glassmaker, I find it important to keep the hand of the maker in the work I produce. The skills I employ are replicated around the world in traditional glass crafts; however, it is my intention to bring to the work a new and fresh approach to traditional processes. It is the objective of this work to challenge the viewer with both the work and the processes used.


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David(NULL) Traub
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