2001 Finalist

Nick MountLeabrook, South Australia, Australia

Scent bottle

Blown glass, polished and assembled
111 H x 30 W x 30 D cm

My work is composed primarily of blown glass forms, some of which are cut, polished and laminated together in seemingly random fabrications.

I enjoy working within the restrictions imposed through the pursuit of excellence in traditional furnace working of glass but also take pleasure from the excitement of selecting unrelated blown forms and joining them to create improbable compositions.

The Scent Bottles are a part of an evolving series of pieces I have been working on for the past two years. They refer in form and scale to the tradition of creating large, highly decorated glass vessels used for display purposes in apothecaries and perfumeries.

Most of the blowing and colouring techniques I use in my work are rooted in the traditions of Venetian glass working.


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