2001 Finalist

Sam Ireland, Auckland, New Zealand

The Tap Man/The Blue Woman from Sydney

Cast glass
67 H x 16 W x 16 D cm

My work in all media is sculptural, and the decoration does not merely play across surfaces but there is an essential aspect of a sculptural three-dimensional entity.

In my ceramic work I try to suggest and explore the relationship between the plasticity and sensuality of clay and the buzz and complexity of the urban environment in which I live.

My glass pieces are expressions, in sculptural terms, of the tension between landscapes (or the flora and fauna that inhabit them) and "made" things or built objects, between fact and emotion, and between chance observation or discovery and conscious creativity - and they take in or refer to the other arts, such as literature, music and painting.

Each of these pieces is a separate and unique variation on a theme. Each is a one off work. None is made in a mould, but is is individually handcrafted from wax slabs.


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Sam Ireland
, Auckland, New Zealand

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