2001 Finalist

Andrew Baldwin and Matthew LarwoodProspect, South Australia, Australia

Untitled Spine & Murrini

Blown and wheel cut glass
19 H x 24 W x 24 D cm

This work can be seen as the result of a dialogue:

It is a partial consequence of exploration into the collaborative nature of glass making, integrating the processes that I use in my own work with those of another glass maker.

On another level it can be read as the convergence of different thought processes about decoration and the concepts underlying these aesthetic choices.

I have the good fortune of working with Matthew Larwood, who incorporated murrini and colour overlaying techniques during a mutual work session. I chose the colours in this piece and carved the form utilising the "spine" motif that is central to my ongoing exploration in glass.


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Andrew/Matthew Baldwin/Larwood
Prospect, South Australia,

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