2000 Finalist

Tony NealNewtown, New South Wales, Australia

Recollection I

1 H x 43 W x 43 D cm

Doilies and milk jug covers make me recollect thoughts of my Grandmother and Mother.

In Recollection l, the colours of the doilies are representative of the harlequin glass sets of the fifties. The doilies are also a symbol of the way we attempt to preserve such items as milk or furniture, creating a buffer of protection. We ourselves are protected by such skins, protecting what is precious, like memories of my family through the metaphor of doilies which I use. This series describes the process in which these individual beads have been strung to form an order that I collate to my family and its links since my Grandmother's death.


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Tony Neal
Newtown, New South Wales,

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