1997 Finalist

Karryne SmithCaulfield South, Victoria, Australia

Familiar Fields/Feral Sites

Blown glass, graal
58 H x 15 W x 15 D cm

Tinder dry explains the transparency of space.
With hope and fluidity, Boundaries erected, Despair erodes, threatens to ignite the surface.
Texture provides the known and lived.
Structures give way to organic environments, For the future.
Scratchings...like a warren.
There is a familiarity living.
The tracks engrave only to scar.
Like the furrows of worn plows.
Grasping for a place they have never owned.
The hunting continues.
The tenants accept the past in order to thrive.
Celebrations held; talk of achievements.
Indigenous environments starve.


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Karryne Smith
Caulfield South, Victoria,

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