1997 Finalist

Suzannah QuirkSurry Hills, Victoria, Australia

Untitled (1) & (2)

Cast crystal
23 H x 13.5 W x 13.5 D cm

I am working at present both in acknowledgement of the traditions of the vessel, and in defiance of them. It's usual for the vessel to be decorated on the exterior, however, by working with transparent glass, it is possible to address the often hidden interior. I have used the exterior as a magnification tool, whereby the inner boundaries become the main attraction - highlighting the working guts of the vessel function. I have juxtaposed interior and exterior - one smooth and sleek, the other rough with textural imprints that refract light and pay homage to tradition through primeval and ancient patterns, reminiscent of a time when life and things were a lot simpler.


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Suzannah Quirk
Surry Hills, Victoria,

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