1997 Finalist

Simon MaberleyLeichhardt, New South Wales, Australia


Blown and cold worked glass
65 H x 35 W x 45 D cm

A main criticism of contemporary culture is that we regularly confine ourselves within the established, acceptable personal and social norms. While acknowledging the disparate, and unique nature of the individual, I also feel that there is a common, pervasive emphasis on the conformity of ideas, attitudes and behaviour across a broader social spectrum. All too easily, we allow our opinions and thoughts to be pre-packaged, ready for consumption through popular media, and are dictated to by ranting politicians waving the results of the latest poll, or coerced by an appealing ad on the telly into a purchase we didn't really need. I realise that not everybody wants to stick out like a sore thumb, and that, yes, we are a social animal, and have a certain group mentality. However, I would also question the imposition of the 'majority' opinion on everyone. Do we examine issues or events thoroughly enough to have an informed personal opinion or do we too often rely on others to provide us with our views - who pulls your strings?


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Simon Maberley
Leichhardt, New South Wales,

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