1997 Finalist

Ede HortonCamberwell, Victoria, Australia

Three Colours Pink

Cast glass
19 H x 60 W x 10 D cm

Vessel forms are central in my present work. They have a life and a spirit of their own rooted in my interior archeology. They represent containers that house essence-precious, perilous and exotic substances that sustain civilisations. This work is about 'Memory-Remembered Selves'. Places and experiences that have 'marked' me in some way. Tucked into bed by my father, hearing stories about his past, fairytales and fables like 'the magic table', passed down through the generations from an old lost culture removed from my life here in Australia.

The process of learning turns a strange context into a familiar one and finally into a habitation of mind and heart...
Learning to know a community or a landscape is homemaking.
M.C. Bateson.

'Art on my Mind' by Bell Hook The New Press NY 1995, pg 73.


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