1997 Finalist

Hezzie CarletonAinslie, Australian Capital Territory, Australia


Blown, cast, slumped and fused glass
500 H x 150 W x 300 D cm

I chose to do an installation based on a study in the precarious changing nature of emotional states. To bring these intangible states into a tangible form, I selected a disk, an expression of the archetypal circle relating to the Buddhist mandala - the Wheel of Life, the continuum which represents Samsara and the process of self realisation. The subject matter of the individual emotional experiences unfolds in each disk through the use of specific colours, textures - transparency, translucity, opacity and inclusions. There are two disks on each stainless steel cable which represent opposing emotional states. These cables are suspended between the ceiling and floor on varying angles and positions creating an uneasy tension. This installation is set up so the viewer can experience the work by negotiating the staggered pathway.


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Hezzie Carleton
Ainslie, Australian Capital Territory,

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