2009 Finalist

Benjamin SewellStanwell Park, New South Wales, Australia

Local Family on Distant Bank. Millstream, North Western Australia 1978

Hand blown glass, white overlay on black, wheel cut
32 H x 34 W x 11.5 D cm

My work engages with elements of memory, landscape and the intellect, investigating notions of a sense of place between the individual and the landscape.

The objects I create draw on the essence of what the landscape represents, describing that experience through the emotive qualities of space, light and texture. I reference these elements using intuitive mark making to articulate qualities that have a resonance of the land.

In the first place I establish a solid foundation in the strength of the form. I build upon this as I develop the surface with graphic qualities. Either side of each piece is hand-worked to create a sense of unity among the various parts and to bring out the natural interplay of the surface and light as intrinsic virtues of glass.

Photographer: Tim Robinson

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