1995 Finalist

Shaelene MurrayEnmore, New South Wales, Australia

Automotive Accessories

Cold worked glass, mixed media
35 H x 14 W x 19 D cm

Gender is constructed by society, positioning images, knowledge, attitudes and work practices as 'feminine' or 'masculine'. This flows through into the identification of objects with gender and gender through objects. Each of the elements used in the 'handbags' represent aspects of this notion of gendered iconography. The bags are constructed from elements such as glass headlights, air-filter mesh or fuel hosing. These elements are overlaid with images of the domestic; non-skid flooring, upholstery springs or cupboard doornobs. By superimposing concepts of the mechanical object (in this case the car) with symbols of the domestic, I can parody the notion of these gender specific icons.


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Shaelene Murray
Enmore, NSW,

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