1999 Finalist

Ede HortonCamberwell, Victoria, Australia

Listening Between the Generations

Cast glass
13 H x 12 W x 13 D cm

This work is a visual symbolic piece, which represents the transmission of a message between the generations. It is akin to storytelling: it translates and transposes a meaning across the generations, perpetuating a link with the past, but in a contemporary manner. I'm interested in simple forms which are both mysterious and familiar, as well as in mystical and ritual content in designs and symbols related to nature, culture and the origins of social life. Listening between the Generations speaks of communication between younger and older members in our community, hence the image of the small and large ears within sound cones. Listening and being able to hear is a two way process, a conduit linking separate energy points. the use of clear, translucent glass with different textures reflects the diverse ways in which one comprehends different sounds and words. The stainless steel cord attached to the sound cone infers the process of connection. A contemporary material used in many buildings, it embodies strength and durability while communicating the warmth of connection through its slick texture.

The use of glass is an apt one to convey the contradictory nature of communication: sometimes truths are right in front of us, ready to be understood, but we can't perceive them. We can't hear their message.


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