1999 Finalist

Timothy HornO'Conner, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Golden Showers

Cast lead crystal, bronze, metallic foil
80 H x 135 W x 6 D cm

The virtues of Golden Showers are it's cheerful blossoms, elegant in the young bud; the sweet scent of its wide opening, semi-double flowers and the way they drop cleanly when they are done; it's continuance to bloom almost without pause from Summer to late Autumn; it's pleasing glossy foliage, it's compliance in growing as far as gardeners would wish it to; not sulking however badly pruned; and it's comparative smoothness, which makes it easier to handle. Against the assets must be weighed the snags - the fleeting nature of the flowers, their loss of colour as they age, and a tinge of seasonal mildew. On balance, and lacking serious competition, this all-purpose climber must be considered still a front-rank rose. Charlotte Armstrong x Captain Thomas Botanica's Roses, The Encyclopedia of Roses. Forward by David Austin, Random House, 1998


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Timothy Horn
Bulnarring, Victoria,

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