1999 Finalist

Natasha FilippelliWheelers Hill, Victoria, Australia


Blown and wheel cut glass
15 H x 18 W x 18 D cm

My exploration of glass has culminated into an aesthetic development by which movement within the glass form, through the exploration and manipulation of translucency, depth and surface, has become my focus. My sole aim is to develop and express to others the fluidity of hot formed glass in its solid state, through its form and a dynamic play of surface and interior space. I endeavour to evoke this feeling with the combination of a blown object and cold working techniques. A simple blown object, revealing only transparency and a suggestion of depth becomes purely my starting point. The cutting away of areas, begins in developing a sense of movement which travels fluidity through the glass form. Grinding areas, creating lines of movement and highly polishing the object's angular edge allows the glassy object's true depth and interior space to be revealed.


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Natasha Filippelli
Wheelers Hill, Victoria,

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