2013 Finalist

Kim LogueWellsford, Northland, New Zealand


Cast obsidian glass
2.5 H x 52 W x 14.5 D cm

Palingenesis, n. Reformation of a rock by refusion.

Here I define the very essence of palingenesis, creating a modern work by casting and re-fusing the oldest form of glass - obsidian.

I pay homage to the obsidian toolmakers who lived 13,000 years ago on the Greek island of Milos.

Photographer: Ron Hawker

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Kim Logue
Wellsford, Northland, New Zealand

1963 , Auckland, New Zealand


  • 2012, Bachelor of Applied Arts, NorthTec, Kerikeri, Northland, New Zealand

Last Solo Exhibition

Last Group Exhibition

  • 2012, Molly Morpeth Canaday 3D Sculpture Award, Exhibition Centre, Whakatane, New Zealand

Public/Private Collections

  • Various Private Collections
  • Sir James Wallace Trust, Pah Homestead, Auckland, New Zealand


  • 2011, Finalist, Objective Art Awards, Otago, New Zealand
  • 2011, Finalist, Central Otago Art Awards, Southland, New Zealand
  • 2011, Finalist, Ranamok Glass Prize, Australia