About the Ranamok Glass Prize
Encouraging creativity, skill and innovation in contemporary glass.

The Ranamok Glass Prize is an annual acquisitive award for glass artists who are resident in Australia and New Zealand. The Prize was founded in 1994 by Andy Plummer and Maureen Cahill as a way to promote glass as an art form to the public.

The work presented for consideration for the Ranamok Glass Prize is expected to be a major effort in the artist's personal body of work. This work should be innovative, displaying excellence and imagination in quality of idea and execution in contemporary practice.

RGPL's board comprises the following directors, all of whom serve as volunteers:

  • Maureen Cahill: Director, Glass Artists' Gallery
  • Damien Clarke: Partner, McCullough Robertson
  • Jacqueline Clayton: COFA Presiding member
  • Andy Plummer: Director, Whitehaven Coal Limited and XLX Pty Ltd
  • Deirdre Plummer